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The Korvax, also known as Korvax Convergence, are a type of alien NPC in No Man's Sky. They are a scientific race of electronic lifeforms. The Korvax speak in an ancient alien language, and words that the player discovers (at monoliths, for instance) will be converted into English.

Priest Entity Nada is a Korvax.


The Korvax Entity Shell: Govets is a tall being wearing a yellow and light grey space suit and silver bolts and linings on their suit. They also have a large silver space helmet with a square black visor.

Standing reputation

The player's "standing" can increase or decrease, depending on choices that are made throughout the game. Higher standing can yield rewards unattainable with lower reputation.

The titles of each reputation level are as follows:

  • Irrelevance (lowest standing)
  • Point of interest
  • Test subject
  • Research Focus
  • Thesis
  • Traveler of the Atlas (highest standing)

History and culture

Their home world, Korvax Prime, was destroyed by the Gek First Spawn, who "disconnected" and enslaved them at some point. This disconnection is referred to as The Great Disconnection.

An individual of the Korvax race is referred to as an Entity. They have titles that refer to their profession.

Titles and professions
  • Analyst
  • Chemist
  • Chief Scientist
  • Convergence
  • Divine Atlas
  • Interface
  • Mathematician
  • Priest
  • Scholar


Korvax dialogue.

Also on Balari V is a Korvax monolith, Etingena R60, which states "A distant clamor of Korvax voices falls suddenly silent as you approach. You feel almost as if the Echoes want something from you."

And appears to give the player three options:

  1. Talk of your journey and the wonders you have seen (This option gives you a message: "Your discoveries are blessed by the Korvax Echoes!")
  2. Ask for the knowledge of the Korvax Echoes
  3. Ask the Korvax Echoes to increase your understanding


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